NESSI’s mission is to promote R&D&I in the field of software, data and digital services in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry in this field, and to represent industry and other organizations active in this field.

To promote R&D&I, NESSI considers emerging technologies and areas such as the compute continuum, from cloud to edge and fog to IoT; software engineering and software automation, towards dev-ops-adapt; and AI-based software engineering. NESSI is starting to consider software tools for decentralised intelligence and swarms, and software aspects of quantum computing. NESSI also pays attention to technology convergence.

To strengthen competitiveness, NESSI works to ensure that sufficient resources are invested in leading-edge research and innovation for technologies in the software and service domain. NESSI also considers non-technical aspects such as value creation, digital skills, trustworthy/open technologies, Open Source, technology sovereignty, and the post-pandemic landscape.

NESSI engages in close dialogue with the European Commission and other stakeholders, focusing on the horizontal nature and critical role of software and software engineering, whilst supporting topics of current strategic interest including Smart Networks and Services, Software and AI, and Key Digital Technologies.

NESSI unites a large community of Partners and Members from industry, research and academia from all over Europe.

By joining NESSI you have direct access to key stakeholders, you increase your organisation’s visibility and influence, and you augment your networking and cooperation capacity


Partners and Members

The NESSI Partners are major ICT stakeholders who coordinate NESSI activities and provide financial support for NESSI’s operations.

NESSI has over 450 Members including large enterprises, SMEs, research institutes and academia. Membership is free and open.