Thursday, November 20, 2014 – Friday, November 21, 2014

NESSI events (meaning events organised by NESSI)

The NESSI Member’s and International and Cooperation (INCO) Day 2014 was a great success, embraced with the enthusiasm of the participants. The event took place on the 20th and 21st of November at the “Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona” and was attended by over 110 individuals from 36 different countries. The participants included representatives from the European Commission, from NESSI and other European Technology Platforms such as NEM (New European Media), NetWorld2020 (telecommunications) and PLANETIC, the Spanish ICT-based Technology Platform. Organizations and researchers from European and non-European countries including Latin America, North Africa and Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, South East Asia and China, working on projects focused on International Cooperation for ICT were also present.

The attendees were given an overview of H2020 by Thierry Boulangé from the European Commission. This was followed by a presentation of NESSI, its structure, operation and most recent achievements, particularly focusing in the creation of the Big Data Value Association and the progress on Software Engineering and Cloud Computing. European Technology Platforms NEM and Networld 2020 also presented their structure and activities followed by PLANETIC in Spain. The audience was given an introduction to 8 FP7 funded projects focusing on International Cooperation around ICT, targeting different regions of the world.

The event carried on with one of its main purpose that was to set-up a “Proposal development & consortium formation” Workshop in view of the H2020 calls closing in April 2015 with the aim at enhancing the collaboration between NESSI members, other ETP members and organizations from International Co-operation partner countries, as well as to foster an open dialogue to discuss and elaborate proposal ideas and start building proposals under topics such as: ICT, eHealth, Transport, Energy, Secure Societies, Space and Europe-Brazil cooperation. Over 45 proposal ideas were presented showing the high interest to use the NESSI event as a forum to look for suitable partnership and future collaboration.

The event has clearly reinforced the industrial cooperation and ICT research, development and innovation through better networking between European ICT Technology Platforms and International Co-operation partner countries. Our purpose is to repeat this kind of event in the near future, making participants aware of the possibilities of H2020 and the capacity of Technology Platforms to act as the instrument that brings together partners from different parts of the world, setting-up powerful consortia for the preparation of ICT research and innovation projects.


ETPs and INCO projects presented at the event:

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