This position paper is an analysis by NESSI of issues concerning software technology in quantum computing.

Advances in the development of quantum computing hardware need to be accompanied by advances on the software side to make quantum computing a reality. While the technological progress on the hardware side has been exponential in the past, progress on the software side has been slower. This experience, and the fact that quantum computing requires radically new thinking about developing algorithms and programming them, suggest that software will hamper the uptake of quantum computing. Therefore NESSI is proposing to put more emphasis on quantum software research, including the following.

  • Extend the European Quantum Research Agenda with items focusing on software.
  • Increase education and training to develop expertise and skills required for European leadership in quantum technology.
  • Foster interdisciplinary research into developing quantum algorithms.
  • Investigate hybrid systems combining classical computing with quantum computing.
  • Create a new software engineering branch covering the methodology and technologies required for managing the full lifecycle of quantum software.
  • Support building industry-led initiatives and ecosystems addressing the opportunities offered by quantum software.

Read the paper here: Software and Quantum Computing Position Paper

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