A core team of NESSI Partners are working together with medical device manufactures and hospitals in the Horizon Europe NEMECYS project to enhance the cybersecurity of medical and diagnostic devices connected to the internet, known as Connected Medical Devices or CMDs.

The European health care system is moving toward personalised, distributed, and home-based services. This is made possible via new and improved CMDs which support health care provision and facilitate reduced cost (fewer hospital beds) and improved service. Patients are expected to enjoy improved quality of life in terms of reduced travel time and less stress via treatment at a place of their choice. However, the benefits of home-based and remote care must be secure from cyberthreats which ultimately could affect the well-being of patients.

Partners in the NEMECYS project are developing tools and procedures to help device manufacturers, integrators and health care providers ensure cybersecurity of CMDs by design and in operation.

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