The rise of smart technology and intelligent decision-making puts us at the forefront of a ground-breaking era where we can truly create personalised services, and seamless experiences. Facilitating this new world is the dataspace – a dynamic virtual environment weaving together interconnected and interoperable data sources for effortless access, sharing, and utilisation within a specific industry sector.

However, to truly unlock life-changing innovation, collaborative efforts are needed across sectors. DataSpace, DataShare 2.0 (DS2) is one such collaboration. Conceived by NESSI SME partner Information Catalyst, working with a core team of NESSI Partners DigioTouch, Software AG, IBM, IT Innovation, ATC and INDRA, together with other R&D and user organisations, DS2 is a new initiative developing Europe’s first modular infrastructure for connecting diverse dataspaces.

DS2 will provide a set of modular tools for data transformation, data orchestration, governance management, etc., facilitating data sharing across dataspaces, assisted by a deployment broker and a fully K8 containerised environment. These are integrated in an Intersector Dataspace Toolkit (IDT) which can be deployed by data providers and connected to data consumers.  The IDT enables effortless sharing of agreed and trusted data sources to addess consumers needs, ensuring that European users are best-placed to take advantage of the data revolution.

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