NESSI recently invited Members to complete a questionnaire regarding their satisfaction with Horizon 2020. We thank all those who participated.
Responses were equally divided between Partners and Members, coming from a good distribution of enterprises, SMEs, academia and research centres. The conclusions that can be drawn cover all aspects of proposal preparation and project participation.
There is consensus that the funding rules are better and more clearly explained than those of FP7.
There is strong agreement that the area of software has not been sufficiently covered in H2020.
On the topic of consortium building, the results show that support is inadequate. NESSI had the opportunity to discuss this topic with DG CONNECT of the European Commission, who confirmed that they will organize more brokerage events and info days in the remaining years of H2020.
Replies have also shown a desire for pre-screening of proposals, which in previous Framework programmes was much valued.
Responses have indicated that a clear explanation of evaluation process is available, the results are mixed as to whether the evaluation criteria are clearly explained. The other problem remarked on by respondents is that the evaluation summary report does not provide useful comments on problems with the proposals.
Replies have shown that the time and process for contract preparation, and the payment scheme and the execution of the project, are generally acceptable. Moreover, replies have shown a general agreement that H2020 has improved the process for initiating a project compared to FP7.
NESSI is using the results of the questionnaire to inform the EC. Whilst we do not expect many changes in H2020, we expect the EC to consider our views in the planning of FP9.

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