On 22 April 2021 the EC in collaboration with EU-IoT organised the Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum. Josef Urban represented NESSI at the event, which gathered technology experts from several digital and vertical domains, as well as corporate-strategy level representatives, to exchange views on priorities, challenges and opportunities, and establish a shared strategic European vision for the next-generation IoT and (far) edge computing.

In the session on “Ecosystems and Alliances”, Josef gave a presentation explaining that software is fundamental for building capabilities which allow ecosystems to thrive and create value, for superior quality of a solution providing differentiating customer experience, and for developing standardized abstractions for portable workloads and for building adapters for the heterogeneous domains of IoT and Edge. He went on to set out the software research challenges for Next Generation IoT and Edge Computing, and the future services that these will enable.


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