NESSI organised two thematic networking sessions during ICT 2018, which took place in the Austria Centre Vienna from 4 to 6 December 2018, hosted by the Austrian Presidency.

The Art of Trustworthy Software, Services and Data Empowering Everyone

One of our greatest challenges in a future digital society is to ensure Trustworthiness of Software, Services and Data empowering everyone everywhere. Software technology and the data economy are key to the disrupted change into an on-line servitization of all commercial and public offerings, society becoming more distributed and decentralized.

A future trustworthy digital society was explored by an inter-disciplinary approach; panellists with different backgrounds gave their views on the changes ahead.

The following questions were addressed:

  • how will such a digitized society work?
  • what are the benefits and downsides of it?
  • will it become more democratic and more engagement by citizens?
  • will it be safe and inclusive for everybody?

These are important questions to understand how technologies like Software, Services and Data will enable tansitions and impact society.

Software Beyond Horizon 2020 

In the era of digitalisation, enterprises, administrations and professionals are applying software beyond automation of simple workflows, to promote better customer understanding and individualized experiences, to accelerate innovations for competitive advantages, and to new business models for increasing revenue such as the servitization of products.

The economic and social impact of software is welcome and encouraging. However, digitalisation will demand further advancements in software technologies into the future to meet emerging needs of the digitalisation and the Next Generation Internet, such as the implementation of adaptive and cognitive services, better emphasis on human centricity, and the integration of systems into even more complex systems of systems.

The networking session discussed:

  • what the fundamental digital needs of the Next Generation Internet will be,
  • which advanced software capabilities are required to meet these needs, and
  • which research disciplines will be instrumental for delivering these capabilities.

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